Our Clubs

We run "in real life" clubs, online clubs and can even run after school clubs through your school.

Our clubs all follow our key philosophy that code should be fun, engaging, child-led and supported.

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Meet the zone leaders!

All of our clubs (in person and online) are run by trained coding professionals, there to help and guide children along their journey. Our clubs are child-led, so if there is something your child would like to explore, our leaders are there with them to help them overcome often tricky challenges!

Meet Megan and Tom - two of our leaders you will see in our online clubs.  You can also meet the rest of the team here

Sessions tailored to individual ability

Discover the coding  basics

Our code-it and hack challenges, geared to this younger age group, get children to ease in and explore how games are built without being overwhelmed.

They're inspired to play and interact with our games so quickly get involved in learning how to code. 

Solve more complex coding problems

This club gives more opportunities to tinker and change elements of the code in our code-it and hack challenges, building games.

There's more freedom to create, explore and solve things in line with their growing skills capabilities. 

Solve what we've set or hack it!

Be a part of our coding and tech youth community, build or hack games making them your own and share with friends.

Take part in online build battles, build your own games, take part