Dell's Round-Up March 27th

We hear from one of our newest mentor's Dell, on what sounds like an eventful week of fun & games!

Dell's Weekly Round up March 27th
Hello Everybody!
It's Dell here - one of the new mentors at The Code Zone. I have had an amazing week and have really enjoyed seeing everyone working on Treasure Hunters and other games!
Myself and Ant have had the pleasure of witnessing some amazing games being made, and we couldn't be more proud of the results! There have been creative ideas all around, and we love to see it!

For the past few days in the clubs we’ve been working on ‘Treasure Hunters’. In this game, players must race against another ship through the sea, making sure to collect as many treasure chests by reaching the islands popping around the screen first.

My favorite game this week has been George's creation "Buddy's Adventure" where his lovely cat is being featured taking a stroll outdoors to the dark forest.

Pranav has also left me and Ant amazed at his creativity by switching the theme around and creating "Space Hunters", where he's added some amazing graphics and sounds, changing the feel of the game entirely!

Alfie's game was also refined to a professional level, as he had added a mechanic of making the ships bounce against each others, making his game feel amazing!

Next week we've got the "Scaredy Crows" making an appearance to The Code Zone, where you play as a sneaky crow trying to pick up as many corn hobs without running into scarecrows!

Don’t forget to shoot us a message if you need help, have a cool hack idea, or even want to show us something cool you’ve been working on!

See you soon!



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