Get your child engaged, creative and collaborate at our local coding clubs.

Build a Minecraft Mod, build a game in "Game Dev Club", code a robot and fly a drone in VR!

Sessions tailored to your child, designed to inspire

In-person coding club for children aged 6-16

Learn to code by building, modding & hacking Games

Game Dev Club is the The Code Zone's unique approach to learning to code by members building, hacking and modding a different game each week. 

A unique approach that will take your child from beginner to pro coder in a fun, creative and engaging way.

Continue building your game at home & share your game creation with other members, friends & family.

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Learn to code in Minecraft with the Minecraft mod club for children aged 6-16

Play Minecraft and use code to enhance your gaming experience

Play Minecraft with friends and experience multiplayer gaming & coding.

Using code to problem solve their gameplay e.g. Battle the Ender Dragon using a super TNT -bow, build an underwater bubble base and other mods from our library.

Open 3D world and endless roleplay, creativity and mod opportunities. 


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Gaming and Virtual Reality over half-terms and holidays

Chill out with gaming and tech over half-term and holidays!

Experience the wonders of Virtual Reality, play paint ball, laser tag and even go on quests with friends! 

Minecraft fan? Come along and combine the power of coding with the creativity in the Minecraft Mod Club...the possibilities are endless.

Chill out, unwind and challenge friends on the Switch with some Mario Kart



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