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Clubs for all children from 6 to 17!

How The Code Zone Works...

The Code Zone is a set of coding clubs for children of all ages and all abilities.


Whether your child is completely new to computers, or the next Mark Zuckerberg, we have a club to suit.  Our clubs are typically run termly, with the occasional weekend or holiday club. 


Our aim is to encourage, enthuse and engage children in coding, knocking down all physical and social barriers to accessing code in a cool and interesting way.


We believe that children will naturally learn when given the right environment and tools to peak an interest.  So it's not all about a keyboard and a screen... we use codable drones and robots to give important real-world context and offer a variety of digital and creative challenges for children to undertake.

We have 4 clubs that run in each location...

Code Bugs is a coding club run for

Ages 6-8
Learning the very basics of code, producing cool animations and programs to excite and delight.

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Beta-Coders is a coding club run for

Ages 8-11

Working on slightly more interesting challenges. Making games and developing problem-solving skills.

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Code Sandbox is our ad-hoc discovery club for

All Ages

In the sandbox, we invite parents along to see what their children are up to, share the experience, have a play and enjoy the different technology we get especially for The code Zone experience.

Most importantly...have fun in the sandbox!

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Zone 418 is a coding club run for

Ages 11-17

From absolute beginners to code geniuses we continue to encourage self-development using lots of different technology, independent and group projects. Allowing them to discover what makes them tick, while they find out what makes their digital world tick.

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