Hopping Mad this Easter!

Our Game Jam is Back this Half term!

Game Jam 2023: Hopping Mad Week 1
Ant here from The Code Zone to give you a little update on the latest from our modder-level Game Dev Clubs as we head on into the Easter weekend!
Today at the Code Zone we've not only been cracking on with the last of our guided hacks on the grand 'Dino Bomber' project but we've also been putting our heads together to brainstorm new and unique ideas for our Game Jam projects.
For those not 'in the know' a Game Jam is when everyone is given a theme and the task of building a game from the ground up around that theme.
Before we jump onto the topic of the Game Jam, this week the guided hack on our revamp of the arcade hit classic gives players the ability to throw their bombs across the level. With new coders covering the topic of velocity, our coders have covered how we can hurl a bomb based on the velocity of the travelling dino doing the throwing.
For those partaking in the Game Jam this holiday the theme is 'HOPPING MAD' and today we've been treated to an assortment of bouncing bunnies and frogs in a series of projects ranging from 2d platformers to maze-based action adventures. I'm so chuffed every time we get to see all our hard-working coders put their learning into action each game jam by utilising new functions and features that we've covered through the term.
There are currently 9 DAYS left for this Game Jam so be sure to check out the Game Jam section of your Code Zone dashboard for more information!
(And don't forget to remind your young modders to hit that big green SHARE button at the bottom of the code card if they want everyone to see their hard work in action!)


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