Minecraft Round Up - Let's make our own Archery Range 🎯

In this week's Minecraft Mod Club, we are continuing our Minecraft Mini Game series and coding our very own game of Archery Range

Minecraft Round Up - Let's make our own Archery Range

In this game, players will be given a bow and a full stash of arrows to start shooting three available targets. Each target is at a different distance from the player and are worth different points. Play with friends to see who can get the most points in a minute or who can hit the most targets before they run out of arrows!


The Archery Range is built up through three functions: the range, the back wall and the targets. The range and back wall are created by using a series of 'fill with' coding blocks - whereas the target is created by using the 'circle of' coding block in the shapes section (which can be found under the 'advanced' coding menu). We also use a 4th function in order to give the player a bow and a stack of arrows once the whole code has been called. In order to make it so the targets are at different distances, we create two variables to mark the 'x' axis and the 'z' axis, by doing this we can manipulate these variables in order to determine the position of the targets - an awesome use of a variable!

You can make the Archery Range you own by changing the value of each target - give yourself 10, 20, 50 or even 100 points for every bullseye you get. You can also change the look of both the target and the range to match your world. Go for old oak blocks for your forest cottage core theme, or maybe try some of the cool ore blocks if you're building your Code Carnival in a mine - let your imagination go wild!

Be sure to drop a message to your mentors with your Minecraft Mini Game ideas and see if your idea becomes next week's mod!

Until next time, happy building!


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