Game Jam Round Up: Robot Rivals

Celebrating National Coding Week with a Game Jam!

National Coding Week: Robot Rivals

It's time for another game jam! We had a little bit of an impromptu Game Jam to line up with national coding week and their theme of AI! For those of you who haven't heard of our Game Jams before: we give you a theme and a blank project (or one of our plethora of games) and set you all free to create a game or animation that fits the theme! 

Our members took this theme and made some awesome games, from the "Worlds Hardest Robot Rivals" to "Project city edition""Lightning""Wall-e's talk.", and more! Every sure did their best to produce awesome games for us! Remember that you can go to the "Game Jam" tab on the dashboard to play the games we've mentioned and more, and give them all some XP for their hard work. Until next time!


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