Paint Battle: A Splatoon Inspire Game

Gather round for this week's Modders game round up!

Paint Battle: A Splatoon Inspired Game

Hey there! Over the last two weeks in our Modder sessions we’ve been looking at the game “Paint Battle!” In this Splatoon inspired game we play as the red character and have to cover more ground than our blue and green computer controlled opponents! 

In week 1 of this game we gave ourselves (and our opponents) the ability to shoot projectiles that stunned whoever they hit for a few seconds, preventing movement and giving us time to cover the ground around them! 

In week 2, our modders gave themselves the ability to dash around and cover the ground much quicker than the opponents could! This did also give us the chance to dodge the scarily accurate projectiles our opponents can fire!

Some of our members even went on to introduce new mechanics using the concepts they learnt through coding skills, including making the game into a local multiplayer match, adding in new opponents to beat, an updating scoreboard, and more! Some even took it upon themselves to make the game into a chaotic free-for-all in a tiny arena to see who would come out on top!

We still have one final week left of Paint Battle, so be prepared for next week where we will have something for you that may have explosive results!


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