Top 5 Code Platforms for Kids | From Beginner to Advanced

Which platforms are best for your child to start learning code? 

Top 5 Code Platforms for Kids | From Beginner to Advanced

Learning to code can give children valuable skills in tech, strategy, problem solving and creativity. It is no wonder parents are often looking for the best platform to start their child’s coding adventure! At the Code Zone, we understand the importance of having a fun time whilst learning to code, especially for kids ages 6 - 14. Here are our top recommendations for code platforms that are both educational and engaging. 


Scratch - For beginners ages 6 -16

In our Game Dev Clubs, we often start children learning to code by using the platform, Scratch. Scratch is specifically designed for young beginners to coding. The code platform offers an easy-to-use, colourful interface that kids can get used to using quickly. Children can create interactive animations and games using code blocks which are colour-coded and snap together like a puzzle piece. It helps to teach children the links between code concepts and where they fit together. Its simplicity also fosters creativity with its ability to change backgrounds, characters and motion. 

Scratch is available in our fully integrated platform on the Code Zone. Join our Game Dev Club in Hackers Levels for your child to try Scratch with guidance from a mentor!

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Minecraft Education Edition - For intermediate levels at any age     Minecraft Mod Club Logo

For kids who love gaming, our Minecraft Mod Club powered by Minecraft Education Edition takes coding to the next level. By leveraging the popular Minecraft platform, kids learn to modify the game using code. From creating custom blocks to designing interactive elements, students explore the intersection of coding and game design in a familiar and immersive environment. With Minecraft Education Edition, learning becomes a collaborative adventure where creativity knows no bounds.

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Roblox Studio - For intermediate to advanced at any ageRoblox

The Roblox Studio is a more intermediate platform for children who love the game Roblox and want to dive deeper into game development. It leads with user-generated content with children having the ability to design and share their games in the community. Young developers can use the Roblox Studio scripting tools and Lua programming to create vivid, interactive games and worlds. 

Want to create new games and share them with a code community? Join our Game Jams to build your games with a new theme and share with friends on our integrated platform!

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Khan Academy - For intermediate to advanced at any ageKhan Academy Logo

Khan Academy provides various courses covering a range of code learning from CSS, python, computer programming and computer science lessons. The benefit of this platform is that all of their learning courses are free to use. Khan Academy uses interactive exercises and video tutorials for students to learn real-world coding challenges. 

Khan Academy is a great option for intermediate coders who can learn as self-directed. However, if your child prefers guidance from a mentor, they will love the Game Dev Club! - For beginners to advanced at any Logo’s mission is to make code learning accessible to everyone. They use video tutorials & online activities to teach basic code concepts to children. They use beginner-friendly block-based code in the platform Blockly (similar to Scratch) to help younger students become accustomed to coding concepts. Intermediate-level students can use text-based programming languages including JavaScript and Python in their online learning. Their courses are made to progress through from beginner to intermediate to advanced. 


At The Code Zone, we're committed to inspiring the next generation of coders through hands-on learning experiences tailored to their interests and abilities. Whether your child dreams of designing video games, building websites, or solving real-world problems with code, our code clubs provide a supportive environment where they can thrive and unleash their full potential. Our integrated platform uses the best code platforms all in one place making learning as easy as possible. 


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