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Hi! My name is Isaiah1 and I am a super cool member of the Game Dev Club Modder's. I love making awesome games and having fun with my friends. I am really good at using Scratch and Paython to create my games. Scratch is a super fun program where you can make your own games by dragging and dropping blocks. It's like playing with virtual Legos! Paython is another cool program that helps me make my games even better. I love being part of this club because I get to learn new things and show off my amazing game-making skills. Let's have a blast together!

My achievement badges

Cheeky Monkeys Badge 3 badge
Cheeky Monkeys Badge 2 badge
Cheeky Monkeys Badge 1 badge
To the Moon Badge 2 badge
To the Moon Badge 1 badge


Cannon Defender

Sprite Data

Kitchen Chaos

GAME JAM :escape egg Head

Cops And Robbers

Ace Pilot

Dungeon Of Doom

Ace Pilot

game jam projet updataed

Tunnel Traversal

Delivery Driver 0.2


Dino Dodger

HarisKhan's eyball freek

origanal Dino Dodger

the adventures dr mc butt face the second

On Overlap


jsus plain odd ad a bit a of cooler

Shark Attack

Points Galore


goku vs one punch man

naruto's anaversary


Evolution Game Jam

kakshies birthday

naruto and susakuay fighting


kurama song

sacara song

minato naruto buroto song

jirah song

naruto song

kakshi song

decu song

Night Watch tv part 3

When Sprite Clicked



rap off

Carousel Menu


Night Watch tv part 2

taco song must see!!!!

MAGIC 8 ball


Earth Defender

Bounce Off Flat Surface

the end is ridiclualoace

Light Rider

naruto time

Direction of Motion

Text Engine

Stop All

Adding A New Costume

Night Watch tv part 1



Scene Transition

Hopping Mad!

mario vs lewegi super bad project

unluky toon 12

unuky toons 11

bat man Attack mario

unlucky toons 10.0

unluck toon 9

unluky toon 8


unlucky toons 7

unluky toons 4


The Wall of SEWIGE!

Colour Catche+

unlucky toons 4

unluky toons part 3

unluky toons part 2

mario All The Way

head hockey

unluky toons part 1

go go goombas

Chompy Maze

amung us

lets game it out

its fire time

My Pet browser

mario Platformer

get out the sewer

Cops and Robbers

mario Walker

Knockout Arena

get to the top of the shard

keep my bank fine

Extreme poop

Speedy mario

the dino movie part 1

plumer time

mario vs amung us


Rapid Racers

dragon slayer

fly morio

morio Boost

meat ballooza

Tower Of gousts

hero of the sky

mario world

alian steak


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