Ant's Weekly Round-Up 10th April

Hold the Fort had some amazing creativity involved!

Ant's Weekly Round up 10th April

Hi All!

Ant here once again to tell you about the hacks and what your young coders have been up to this week!

This week we’ve been working on what has probably been my favourite game so far, Hold the Fort. An excellent defence game (with some nifty physics) where players had to use their cannon to shoot an onslaught of dragons out of the sky.

New coder Taylor took this week’s game and switched things up by altering the theme (quite suitably for Easter if I do say so myself) to an egg smashing eggstravaganza. Cracking work Taylor!

Finding the game a little easy, Natalie created her own boss fight which kicks off once the player has survived long enough to prove themselves against the mega-dragon. I haven’t beaten it quite yet Natalie, but next time it’s going down!

We also can’t forget Jaikrish this week who wanted to up the ante (and the chaos!) by doubling our cannons and dramatically increasing the number of dragons to the point where ‘onslaught’ is just too soft a word.

I believe the phrase “Bring on the wall!” briefly popped through my head before the overwhelming force of Dragonfire burned my fortress to the ground. Nicely done Jaikrish.

Moving onwards, our coders better fasten their seatbelts as next week we blast off into the unknown in ‘The Asteroid Field’! In this space adventure, the player must navigate through a barrage of asteroids and into a wormhole where they’ll find safety… or perhaps many many more asteroids! Engage those problem-solving brains and start thinking of what you’d like to build in your own space games next week!


As always, if you have any hack ideas you need a bit of help with or if you’re ever stuck don’t forget to message us using that big blue button in the bottom right corner of your screen!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



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