Can you 'Dodge It'?

A quick overview of what happened in our Game Dev Club!

Can you 'Dodge It'?
A great week last week in GameDev Club with the game: 'Dodge it!'. The aim of the game is to help your Zonebot survive as long as possible by avoiding the canons balls being shot across the screen. The longer Zonebot survives, the more canons appear to try and knock the player out! Included in this week's game is a fun bit of animation code, where your Zonebot has a flying trail effect. This piece of code can be used in a variety of scenarios and games so be sure to add it to your backpack for future use 🙂
In addition to the Zonebot animation, our members also got stuck into this week's guided hack which added a big laser beam for Zonebot to avoid. By using some randomisation and broadcast code, our members were able to add a 1 in 10 chances of a canon turning into a super laser - how cool is that! Our coders also decided to change their super lasers into all sorts of things from pokeballs, to fruit pieces to footballs; there's no limit to their imagination 🙂
We've had some amazing hack ideas this evening - including high score trackers, lives systems and defence barriers.


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