Happy New Year!

We hope you've had a great Christmas - welcome back for another fun-filled term of tech and coding.  Check out the new years badge as well!

Happy New Year!!

The Christmas break is almost over, the team has eaten approximately a metric ton of mince pies between them, and we're ready and raring to get back to coding (after a quick nap...)

Our Game Dev Clubs start back up this week - we look forward to seeing you there and getting stuck in to our first Hack of the year!

The New Years' 2022 achievement badge has also begun, and all the children will need is 10 stars!  Login to your account and start completing projects in the studio, doing hacks, or even getting creative with your own projects - let us know and we'll shower you with stars.

​​​​​​​This challenge will run until the 9th of January, so be quick.

As always, your mentors are online to help you out with any projects you are working on - just pop us a message in the help bubble!  If you've done any cool hacks, just send us a message and we'll have a play and send you many stars.



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