Holly's Roundup Dec 19th

Holly gives us a round-up of the last week in the clubs, some featured projects and a sneak peak in to what's coming up next week!

Holly's Roundup Dec 19th

Hello and Happy Holidays!  🎄

Holly here, if your child has ever attended one of our online Game Dev Clubs you might recognise me. I'm a mentor, or the friendly facilitator who helps your child code their own ideas. I'm the squealing you hear when they add their own mechanics and monsters!

It's been a super week! Myself and Tom started a live stream on YouTube, which gives us an opportunity to show off more of the children's wonderful work, as well as demonstrate some of the popular ideas children might want to try coding themselves. If you want to get a better idea of who we are, or give your child some extra coding inspiration - you can check out the video!

Chainsaw Creations!

My favourite thing this week has been the spirit of sharing in the clubs; every week our children share coding ideas and tips, but Thursday's club members really got creative this week!

One child wanted to add a chainsaw to his game and a girl drew a great one for me to pass on to him (how sweet!)

Next week...

Festive Fun!

Super fun for everyone. It's just been a jolly week overall. Here is sneak peak at the festive game your child could be coding next...

As always, I can't wait to see how they jazz up this gifting game with new rules and characters. I expect we'll have a lot of brilliantly coded games to share with the family this year!

See you soon!




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