Minecraft Round Up - Let's go Pig Fishing 🐷

Welcome back to another Minecraft Mod Club 'Let's Build' episode with Jaz and Calum. This week, we will be coding a new theme for this term: Minecraft Mini Games!

Minecraft Round Up - Let's go Pig Fishing 🐷


In our latest Minecraft build, Jaz and Calum started in a brand new world, using the Plains Biome template as a base for the new Minecraft builds. The first of our Minecraft Mini Games is Pig Fishing! Reminiscent of the traditional fairground game 'Hook a Duck', Jaz and Calum were eager to compete to see who could fish out the most pigs from the pond into their basket. But before that, they needed to build the arena with some trusty Minecraft code before the competition could truly get underway.

To get things started, two Minecraft coding functions needed to be built. The first, named 'Pits and Platforms', consisted of filling code blocks which took a material of your choice to create base, then hollowed it out with the 'fill with: air' code block. The second function, named 'Pool', used the shape coding blocks which can be found under the advanced tap. By creating an array of circles with this code before using one of them as an outline, it created the cylinder needed to hold the water and become the pool. Finally, these functions were called using the chat command 'pig', alongside the spawn animal and fishing rod blocks, which created the arena was ready for the contest - which Calum won much to Jaz's dismay!

Following the 'Hook a Duck' idea, Jaz immediately modified the code so that she and Calum could fish for other animals such as ocelots and chickens which worked amazingly, in addition to dolphins... which worked less amazingly! Be sure to fill your baskets with water when trying to catch aquatic creaures or you may find a dead fish in the bottom of them like Jaz did - uh oh! Calum took inspiration from last term's world and decided to try and catch some villagers. It was hilarious to see the villagers trying to trade with Jaz and Calum as means to escape whilst the two Minecrafters tried to hook and trap them in their baskets!

Jaz and Calum are still looking for a name for the new world - can you help them come up with a fairground / coding / mini game name for this term's world? Drop us a message to let us know your idea and to see if we choose yours for our latest world!

Until next time, happy building!


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