Minecraft Round Up - Let's mod a Gliding game! ✈️

In this week's Minecraft Mod Club, we are continuing our Minecraft Mini Game Series by coding and modding our very own gliding game.

Minecraft Round Up - Let's mod a Gliding game!

In this mod, the player is placed on a block high in the sky and given a pair of elytra wings. The aim of the game is to jump off this block and glide through the 10 spawned rings without hitting them or falling to your death. See how far you can glide and challenge yourself to reach the bottom without taking any damage!

We start this mod by teleporting the player 100 spaces in the sky and placing a single block beneath them. We then use the 'give player' coding block to equip the player with the much-need elytra wings before changing the game mode to survival. The 10 rings are generated through a function which is repeated 10 times; using the 'shape: circle' coding blocks, we can generate the rings and even adjust the radius of the rings to make the game easier or harder. We randomise each ring's x axis to make the game unique and different with each play, whilst also adjusting the y axis by -10 and the z axis by 30 in order for the rings to descend and go further away from the player - making a clear guide as to where the player needs to glide to. 

Try modding this game to make it your own - adjust the size of the rings to make the game more challenging, or even spawn some flying enemies on the gliding course to make the game even harder! We can't wait to see how you make this fun gliding game your own :)

Until next time, happy building!


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