Minecraft Round Up - Let's Play Monster Arena ⚔️

In this week's Minecraft Mod Club, we are continuing our Minecraft Mini Game Series by coding our very own Monster Arena Game!

Minecraft Round Up - Let's Play Monster Arena

In this mod, the player is placed into a fighting arena where waves and waves of enemies will come and attack! If players can survive until Round 10 then will be awarded with a Netherite Sword for some serious hacking and slashing. Play with other Minecraft friends and see how many waves you can endure together, or make it into a competition to see who can survive the longest in Monster Arena. 

The arena is generated by coding a large cube of Minecraft blocks, before then using the "Fill with: Air" coding block to hollow out the area ready for the players to begin. We then call the 'Setup Wave' function which starts a countdown before calling the next two functions. The first one is the 'Give Loot' function which arms the player with a sword and an apple ready for the first wave. The second function is 'Spawn Zombies' which spawns zombies in random positions within the arena. With each wave, the spawn function is multiplied with each wave making it harder and harder as the player goes on!

The wonderful thing about the Monster Arena mod is that there are so many ways to make this Minecraft Mini Game your own. You can swap out the Zombies for any mob or enemy of your choice. You can also make the waves even harder by modifying the spawn multiplier to get even more enemies with each passing round. You can change the Minecraft blocks to give the game a brand new look and swap out what weapon the players have to begin and end with - the choice is yours!

Let us know how which wave you got to in Monster Arena and what Mini Game you'd like us to code next week :)

Until next time, happy building!


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