Protect Earth in this new Hackers Game of the Week!

Its your job to protect the world from Asteroids! Lets see what hacks our coders have made!

Protect Earth in this new Hackers game! 🌎

Prepare for impact as this week we are playing Asteroid Attack!

The fate of the planet is in YOUR hands! Your mission is to protect the Earth from an impending asteroid attack. Use your mouse to aim, and click to shoot the asteroids as they come hurtling towards the Earth. Destroy the asteroids at all costs! Humanity is counting on you!

The guided hack this week was to add in an awesome Easter egg with a UFO flying through! If the players are fast and can shoot the UFO before it leaves the screen then they’ll get LOADS of bonus points! If you want to know more you could try out the coding skill “Spawn on the Edge” to look at the concept in isolation plus don’t forget all the great projects that help explain the game back on the dashboard.

What intergalactic adaptations did our hackers come up with this week? Some hackers added in lives so that the game lasts longer. Others created a super laser to take out loads of asteroids at once! Some focused on cool visual hacks using a particle effect to make the asteroids explode when hit. Fantastic work everyone!



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