The Code Zone Responds to Telegraph Article "Don't let kids waste their time learning to code"

Kids SHOULD learn to code and here's why!

The Code Zone Responds to the Telegraph

So, The Telegraph dropped a click bait bombshell claiming coding for kids is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. But fear not, we're here to share some (albeit passionately biased) code mentor views on this madness!

Ok then Andrew, where to begin…

Telegraph Starting Comment

Comparing coders to outdated job roles like diecasters and old fashioned horse butchers? That's like comparing apples to... well, horses! Coding isn't just a get rich quick scheme as a software engineer; it's a gateway to a rainbow of careers like web development, data science, and even video game magic (clearly a favourite of ours!). But the benefits don't stop there, it's not just about having a career in coding, it's about giving children digital skills and confidence that will last through to adulthood!

And hey, while the Telegraph is getting lost in old-fashioned click bait news, the rest of us are embracing the digital age! Learning to code isn't just a trend; it's a skill-building, creative hobby with real world applications.

Telegraph Article Snippet

Paul's comment back to Telegraph

Learning to code isn't just about prepping for a big paying job; it's like exercising your brain's creative and strategic muscles. It's about problem-solving, unleashing innovation, and gaining confidence with each skill gained! Plus, who wouldn't want to join the Code Zone? We’re a fun bunch of gamers! 

Telegraph Article Commentary

This blanket statement alone is reason to stop reading such a click baity, fear mongering article. It's as if they’ve had their head in the sand ignoring the wonder of the digital landscape over the past few years. 

With the pandemic shaking things up, digital transformation has been spreading like wildfire! Thanks to "work from home" becoming the new norm, along with the rise of AI, the Cloud, and Big Data, it's like the digital world threw a party and everyone's invited! And who's behind all this digital exploration? You guessed it – the unsung heroes of the tech realm: coders!

Telegraph Article Continues

And speaking of regrets, learning to code is about as regrettable as discovering a forgotten £20 in your pocket. It's a life skill, like learning to swim or mastering the art of dad jokes. Trust us, nobody's ever said, "Gee, I wish I never learned to code in year 7!"

AI Comments from Telegraph

And don't let the bogeyman of AI scare you! It's like having a superpower if you know how to wield it. And guess who's behind the curtain pulling the AI strings? You got it – coders! Our mentor Nick sums it up pretty well!

Nick's comment on Telegraph

Lauren's comment on Telegraph

So, in conclusion, learning to code isn't just about securing a future job; it's about equipping kids with digital superpowers, unlocking their potential, and ensuring they're ready for a world full of technology and innovation!

We’ll end this discourse with another comment from our cheeky mentor Nick: 

Nick comments on Telegraph Writer



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