What is Learning Through Play?

By Jaz - The Code Zone Mentor!

What is Learning Through Play?

Children discover through world through play; even from when they are babies. It is an important part of any child's development and science has shown that children's brains actively and positively change through playing. Learning through play encourages children to be flexible and creative in their way of thinking - it avoids rigid ideas and introduces the ability to see the world from different perspectives. 

There are five key skills that playing unlocks for children: 

- Physical Skills: the ability to run, skip, jump, balance and learn their bodies. 

- Social Skills: the power to work with other children to solve problems, come up with interesting ideas and learn the empathise with others. 

- Emotional Skills: the space to feel happy, excited, frustrated and passionate within a safe environment.

- Cognitive Skills: the ideas created through strategies and problem solving. 

- Creative Skills: the potential to have their own voices heard through stories, drawing and performance. 

One of the most amazing things about Learning through play is that children actively enjoy it and seek it. Children can learn through play without even realising it because play is engaging, interactive and meaningful to children. 

This is why we at The Code Zone believe that learning should ALWAYS be through play. We encourage play through the games we create and the clubs we build. Our clubs are child-led; meaning that all of our activities and instructions are things our club members actively ask and seek for. By making our games accessible and fun, it makes the code we help your children write be accessible and fun to. In our clubs not only do your children get a sense of accomplishment from writing code, but they  get to play and use the code afterwards in their games - meaning that play is throughout the entire process from start to finish.  

Whether our young Game Dev Club developers are sharing their own creations with their mentors or our Minecraft Modders are modding code in a friend's Minecraft world - every aspect of The Code Zone surrounds the concept of play; the most important part of a child's development.  


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