Why children should learn to code with Scratch

Easy to use, colorful and engaging? What's not to love about this beginner friendly coding programme?

Why children should learn to code with Scratch

With children being exposed to technology from an early age, learning to code has become a valued piece of learning to prepare them for the digital world. Learning to code not only opens up career paths in tech, it also provides learning skills including strategy, creativity, and problem solving.

But how does one start when there are so many programming languages to choose from?

This is where the programme Scratch, is the perfect place to start for young beginners. Developed by the MIT Media Lab, Scratch is a beginner-friendly, block-based programming language that empowers children to create interactive stories, games, and animations.

 Encourages Creativity:  Scratch is built to foster creativity and imagination in beginners to code. Scratch elements like designs, characters, background and interactive pieces are accessible so children can build whatever they can imagine. From mini games created in their Game Dev Clubs, to digital artwork, this programme gives them all of the easy-to-use tools to work out their creative muscles. This also helps them to find creativity in coding as they learn how using code can assist them with their artistic projects. 


Easy to Use Code Blocks: Scratch uses bright colors and a drag-and-drop interface, allowing children to assemble code blocks like puzzle pieces. This visually stimulating program helps young learners to associate code concepts with where they fit together to build their project. It also helps them to associate code concepts by color coding them.  By focusing on the logic behind programming concepts rather than syntax, Scratch helps young coders to grasp basic coding concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Code Blocks in Scratch








Promotes Problem Solving: When learning code, children learn to problem solve by breaking code down from a big project into small manageable steps. Scratch encourages those problem solving moments as they encounter challenges such as debugging errors, troubleshooting issues, and optimizing their games. Taking time to fix these errors (with the support of their Code Zone mentor) helps them learn to tackle difficult problems and overcome obstacles not just in coding but in other aspects of life. 


Builds Tech Confidence:  Playing in Scratch helps children learn to use the computer and develop their technology awareness and confidence from an early age. This is particularly important in the digital age we live in now. Confidence in tech can help them learn online and become digital natives ready to take on the tech industry. It opens up opportunities later in life by having well developed computational thinking and setting them up to be comfortable learning new technology. 

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Scratch is a great beginner learning program for children to start learning basic coding skills. That is why we proudly use it in our services for young beginners in the Hackers Club

It is a dynamic and engaging platform for kids to learn coding while honing their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and confidence in tech. Plus, it is super fun! 


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