During October Half Tem we opened up our doors for yet another Game Jam! After the success of the Summer ones, our children were fuelled and ready for another week of hacking!

"You Are The Monster" Game Jam Halloween 2022

Getting us started for the Game Jam time Tom had carefully prepared a spooky memory game 'Potion Pandemonium' to set the tone! In this game a witch has been turned into a taco and players must remember a sequence of ingredients to create just the right potion to mercifully turn her human once more!

The week was full of amazing creative hacks from all children taking part - and this fantastic badge was rewarded to them throughout the week!

Creative hacks involved a member deciding that their taco had accidentally turned themselves into a human and wanted to go back (I would too!). Another member turned their game into a series of surprise transformations - from a taco to a fish to a human in the wrong body to a bat that's just fed up of the whole situation and flies out the window!

Thanks to all those that took part - see you at the Christmas Game Jam!


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