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Lauren - Game Dev Club Mentor

When I’m not having adventures, you can find me checking out a new craft project, chilling with my friends and watching movies - as well as being a Game Dev Club mentor!

 Everything I know about coding I learnt from The Code Zone. I love making games in Scratch and designing new costumes and characters.

I have a background in education and before joining The Codezone team I worked as a primary teacher. I worked in different sectors including working with children with additional support needs and English as a second language. I love to travel and have taught in many places around the world. I like to experience different cultures and explore new places.

I’m into anything creative and enjoy making stuff, Lego, writing, painting, drawing and most kinds of arts and crafts. My favourite games are Pokemon, Super Mario, Kingdom Heart and old school simulator games like Theme Hospital and Populous.

Sure. What’s the worst that could happen?  

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