CODING CHAMPION XP (coding experience points)1618

Hi! My name is Jake2 and I'm a super cool member of the Game Dev Club Modder's. I love making awesome games and having fun with my friends. I'm really good at using Scratch and Paython to create all sorts of cool stuff. Scratch is a super fun program where you can make your own games and animations. Paython is another cool program that helps me make my games even better. I love being part of the Game Dev Club Modder's because we all share our ideas and help each other out. It's like a big family of game creators! I can't wait to show you all the amazing games I've made. Let's have a blast together!

My achievement badges

Technology Control badge
See into the future badge
Venomous touch badge
Elasticity  badge
Ninja Reflexes badge
Energy Blast badge
Telekinesis badge
Cheeky Monkeys Badge 3 badge
Cheeky Monkeys Badge 2 badge
Cheeky Monkeys Badge 1 badge
To the Moon Badge 1 badge
Game Jam: The Floor Is Lava badge
The Code Zone Circus Badge 1 badge
Mecha Bots Badge 1 badge
Stars in Spring Badge 1 badge
Winter Warriors Badge 1 badge
Invisibility badge
Festive Challenge Badge 2 badge

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